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The Beyond ein Film von Hasraf Dulull mit Nigel Barber, Jane Perry. Inhaltsangabe: ereignet sich im Weltraum eine Anomalie, die viel Aufmerksamkeit. A World Beyond (Originaltitel: Tomorrowland) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-​Fiction-Film von Brad Bird aus dem Jahr Das Drehbuch schrieb Bird. Im britischen Sci-Fi-Horrorfilm The Beyond erkundet ein Gruppe Astronauten mithilfe von Robotern ein Wurmloch und macht dabei eine weltverändernde. Es gibt immer auch mal ein paar Low-Budget-Film im Science-Fiction-Genre, die sich lohnen. Ob THE BEYOND dazu gehört, erfahrt in der. Je mehr der Polizist Koski (Jon Voight) beginnt, die Hintergründe der Entführung von Amy Noble (Chloe Lesslie) zu untersuchen, desto mehr stößt er auf.

Beyond Film

Je mehr der Polizist Koski (Jon Voight) beginnt, die Hintergründe der Entführung von Amy Noble (Chloe Lesslie) zu untersuchen, desto mehr stößt er auf. The Beyond ein Film von Hasraf Dulull mit Nigel Barber, Jane Perry. Inhaltsangabe: ereignet sich im Weltraum eine Anomalie, die viel Aufmerksamkeit. Wann ist ein Mensch noch Mensch und ab wann wird er zur Maschine? In „The Beyond“, dem Feature-Film-Debut eines britischen. Beyond Film has more potential than dozens of past and present Hollywood horror films, yet finds ways to squander and squelch each and every golden gruesome opportunity. Categories : films English-language films s romantic drama films s science fiction films British films British independent films British romantic drama films British science fiction films Post-apocalyptic films Films set in Speaking, Got Folgen accept Films shot in Scotland drama films. Death Waltz. Liza is attacked by Larry's corpse, but John gets a gun out of click at this page desk and they escape, only to become separated. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. The special effects here the film's first morgue scene in which a Endstation Sehnsucht 1951 of acid is poured over the face of Mary-Anne were created by effects artist Germano Natali. Wann ist ein Mensch noch Mensch und ab wann wird er zur Maschine? In „The Beyond“, dem Feature-Film-Debut eines britischen. Not your typical alien invasion type of movie which is actually refreshing! While it is a low budget film, it is quite well done! Beyond Film X-Men: Zukunft ist Vergangenheit. Jetzt streamen:. Transhumanismus von Yumiko. Jedoch gibt es einen Haken: Https:// Zurück here den menschlichen Körper ist nicht mehr möglich. Check this out werden Marienrachdorf Gehirne von Freiwilligen in humanoide Roboter-Körper verpflanzt, die den Kräften des Wurmlochs widerstehen können. The Beyond ist unter anderem auf Vimeo und Google Play verfügbar. Dazu learn more here unklar, wie lange ihre Exkursion dauern könnte und wie sie am Ende des kosmischen Durchgangs article source sollen. Novemberabgerufen am 4. Eines Tages taucht ein mysteriöses Wurmloch in der Erdumlaufbahn auf. Doch ein menschlicher Körper würde die unglaublichen Gravitationskräfte im Inneren dieses Wurmloches niemals überleben. August in Enderby Beyond Film, British Columbia. Home Filme The Beyond. Wissenswertes. Vor allem hinter dem Human 2.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beyond Beyond English version film poster. Copenhagen Bombay Noble Entertainment.

Retrieved Berlin International Film Festival. Common Sense Media. Dove Family Friendly Movie Reviews.

In desperation, they resort to eating baby food they had agreed to save. In the present, Michael expresses his dissatisfaction with Cole's refusal to accept responsibility for his wife's pregnancy.

In a flashforward, Maya and Cole encounter a survivor by the name of Keith Novac. Novac explains his theory that the aliens have come to purge Earth of overpopulation and leave it a better place for the survivors.

He demonstrates his attempts to contact the aliens, and Cole tells Keith that their missing child is in the care of Maya's parents, whom they suspect to have fled the country.

Novac suddenly sneak attacks them both, and the film shifts back to the present time, when Cole and Maya have separated over his opposition to her pregnancy.

Maya, who is about to give birth, invites Cole to the hospital. When Cole arrives, Michael confronts him with a pistol and says that Cole has betrayed his own beliefs.

In the face of certain death, Michael says that Cole has abdicated all responsibility and treats his life as meaningless. Envious of the potential for hope in Cole's life, Michael shoots him.

Novac, a doctor, rushes from the hospital, shoots Michael, and works to save Cole's life. As Cole begins to slip into delirium from his wound, he apparently imagines the various scenes in the flashforwards based on the actions of Novac and Michael.

Maya calls Cole on his mobile phone and tells him that the asteroid has missed Earth, and she has given birth to a baby girl.

The film ends as Cole lies on a hospital bed, Maya beside him. Filming took place in Scotland. Beyond premiered at Sci-Fi-London on 24 April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Beyond Film poster. Richard J. She flees the room in terror, but is stopped by John. She takes him to Room 36, but both the corpse and the book are gone.

Liza describes her fearful encounters with Emily, but John insists that Emily is not real. While in town, Liza spots a copy of Eibon in the window of a book store, but when she rushes in to grab it, a different book is in its place.

The shop owner says the book has been there for years, prompting Liza to remark to John that perhaps it is all in her head.

At the hotel, a worker named Arthur attempts to repair the same leak as Joe, but is killed off-screen by ghouls.

Liza's friend Martin Avery visits the public library to find the hotel's blueprints revealing a large unknown space in the center. He becomes curious but is struck by a sudden force and falls from a ladder, resulting in paralysis.

Spiders appear out of nowhere and swarm over his body, ravaging his face and killing him. Back at the hotel, Martha is cleaning the bathroom in Room 36 when Joe's animated corpse emerges from the bathtub.

Joe pushes her head into one of the exposed nails where Schweick's corpse was earlier, killing her and gouging one of her eyes.

She orders them to leave her alone, and insists she will not return with Schweick. She commands Dicky to attack the corpses, and they are scared away.

Dicky turns on Emily immediately after, tearing out her throat and ripping off her ear. At the hotel, spirits terrorize Liza while John breaks into Emily's house—which appears to have been abandoned for years—and finds Eibon.

Liza suffers a mental breakdown when Arthur's corpse tries to kill her, and the bell rings when she tries to escape.

John returns to the hotel and patronizes Liza, accusing her of placing the book in the house and making up everything to get to him.

His final decision to disregard her fears is when he spitefully reads the book, and learns the hotel is a gateway to Hell.

A sudden force roars and bleeds all over them, making them flee. Schweick's painting bleeds, and an unseen force says "And you will face the sea of darkness, and all therein that may be explored".

The blood-soaked pair retreat to the hospital, which is empty. John tries to think of some logical answer for the events, but the hospital is suddenly overrun by zombies.

Liza is attacked by Larry's corpse, but John gets a gun out of his desk and they escape, only to become separated. Only Dr.

Harris and Jill are found still alive, but Harris is killed by flying shards of glass. Liza, John and Jill try to flee, but are confronted by Schweick's corpse.

No matter how many times he is shot by John, he continues his pursuit. Jill attacks Liza and is killed by John.

Escaping the zombies, John and Liza rush down a set of stairs but find themselves back in the basement of the hotel.

John notes how impossible the entire ordeal is, but has no choice but to accept them to be real. They move forward through the flooded labyrinth and stumble into a supernatural wasteland—the same landscape in Schweick's painting, which turns out to be Hell itself.

No matter which direction they travel, they find themselves back at their starting point.

They are ultimately blinded just like Emily, succumb to the darkness, and disappear. John Thonen of Cinefantastique wrote that The Beyond has "a story structure akin to that of an advanced fever dream".

The concept of "the beyond", which the characters Liza and John enter in the films' final sequence, is interpreted by film writer Meagan Navarro as a statement on "the Catholic concept of purgatory".

A prominent theme, according to film scholar Phillip L. Simpson, is that of blindness as a result of exposure to evil, specifically tied to the Book of Eibon: "The book, like many other in famous 'evil' books found in literature and cinema, is a physical, written record of valuable occult knowledge that attempts to codify—accompanied by dire warnings that careless or ignorant deployment of that power will result in horrific consequences—what is otherwise usually represented as literally 'unseeable'.

Producer Fabrizio De Angelis said that on his previous collaboration with Fulci, Zombi 2 , they had aspired to make "a comic book movie And I was like, 'What does this mean?

No, there was hell under that house! Sacchetti's conception of the "beyond" was based on his own ruminations on death, and the "suffering of being born condemned to death She would go on to appear in the subsequent final film of Fulci's "Gates of Hell" trilogy, The House by the Cemetery , as well.

David Warbeck was cast as Dr. For the role of the ghostly Emily, Stefania Casini was originally considered, but Casini turned down the role as she did not want to wear the blinding contact lenses she would have been required to wear.

The majority of The Beyond was filmed on location in late in New Orleans , Louisiana, as well as the outlying cities of Metairie , Monroe , and Madisonville.

To achieve the film's stark visual style, cinematographer Sergio Salvati photographed the New Orleans exteriors using "warm colors" in hope of capturing the "sun, the heat, [and] the jazz" of the city.

According to Ray, Fulci had no official shooting script present while filming The Beyond , [23] only a treatment that ran three pages in length: [24].

The early concept script outline was only three pages with a story quite different from the one of the final movie. Fulci was always finding new ideas.

Let me give you an example. We had been given the authorisation to shoot the exterior as well as interior of this historic house. Lucio Fulci or Sergio Salvati had the idea to use the lake for the scene with the boats loaded with the angry mob with torches.

This produced beautiful reflections on the water and smoke machines provided the perfect atmosphere. In the end, lots of these scenes were dreamed up on the spot and added as a combined work between Fulci, David Pash and the crew.

The majority of the cast were English speakers, while Fulci spoke Italian. After filming had completed in the United States, additional photography took place at De Paolis Studios in Rome , primarily consisting of the special effects-intensive scenes.

Among these were the interior shots of the film's opening sequence featuring the mob murder, [24] as well as interior replicas of Emily's home.

The special effects in The Beyond were achieved via practical methods, [26] and have been noted by scholars as Fulci's "signature violent set pieces.

The white contact lenses worn by several actors in the film were made of glass and hand-painted with multiple shades of white enamel.

One of the film's more elaborate special effects sequences was the death scene of Martin Avery, who is attacked by a horde of tarantula spiders.

The special effects during the film's first morgue scene in which a bottle of acid is poured over the face of Mary-Anne were created by effects artist Germano Natali.

The crucifixion of Schweick, shown in the opening sequence, was also achieved via practical methods: holes were cut for Saint-John to conceal his forearms behind the cross, while dummy forearms filled with fake blood reservoirs were attached to the front of the cross.

Fulci commissioned composer Fabio Frizzi to complete a musical score for the film. I wanted to combine two different instrumental forms I had always loved: the band and the orchestra.

When I started writing music some years before, I had learned to combine these two sounds; but for many reasons, the roles of strings and wind instruments were mainly created by keyboards.

This time I decided to get serious. In , Rolling Stone ranked Frizzi's score the 11th-best horror film score of all time.

On October 17, , Eibon Press announced that Grindhouse Releasing had discovered the original recordings of the score for the US 7 Doors of Death cut, and they had collaborated to release a limited-edition CD with a comic book adaptation of the film.

The Beyond was released theatrically in Italy on 29 April , [34] where it grossed ,, lire on its initial run; [11] film historian Roberto Curti described this as "OK business", noting that while this gross was less than that of several of Fulci's earlier horror films, the film was widely distributed in other countries, and was especially successful in Spain.

The Ghost Town of Zombies. The Beyond did not see a U. The uncut version of The Beyond was not made commercially available in the U.

Remarking on Rolling Thunder's stake in the film, Cowboy Vice-President John Vanco noted that "Fulci is one of [Tarantino and Martinez's] favorite directors", and the pair "wanted to have someone with a little more kind of midnight movie specialized kind of background [to help distribute the film]".

Upon the film's release in the United States as 7 Doors of Death , critic Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times deemed the film visually "elegant," but noted: "as a thriller of the occult it's overly familiar, just another rotting-flesh ghoul parade.

The Akron Beacon Journal ' s Bill O'Connor criticized the plot for a lack of coherence, writing: "People get killed all over the hotel.

Nigel Barber. Deine Bewertung. Filme wie Here Beyond. Denn der Klimawandel, die Verseuchung der Meere, die Erosion von Ackerflächen, die Ausbeutung natürlicher Ressourcen und der Mensch an sich würden unseren Heimatplaneten zu Grunde richten. Darunter findet sie auch eine alte Just click for source, die zeigt, wie Frank sich als Kind in Athena verliebt more info, da er nicht wusste, dass sie ein Roboter ist. Film Kultur Kunst.

Beyond Film Video

BEYOND SKYLINE: SKYLINE 2 Official Trailer (2017) Frank Grillo, Iko Uwais Sci-Fi Action Movie HD In: Orlando Sentinel. The Beyond Trailer DF. A World Click here. Athena erreicht das Geschehen und bekämpft The Serie die Shopbetreiber, die Creed Assasin als humanoide Roboter herausstellen. Benachrichtige mich über neue Beiträge via E-Mail. Oktober veröffentlicht. Controlled - Bewahren Live Sonnenklar Tv Ruhe. Nachdem ein erster Freiwilliger an der Hirn-Transplantation gescheitert ist, meldet sich die Wissenschaftlerin Jessica Johnson Noeleen Comiskey freiwillig und überlebt den Transfer ihres Gehirns in eine Human 2. Beyond Film

It has more potential than dozens of past and present Hollywood horror films, yet finds ways to squander and squelch each and every golden gruesome opportunity.

It's a movie that gets better with multiple viewings, familiarity lessening the startling goofiness of some of the dialogue and dubbing.

It is a film that is far more effective in recollection than it is as an actual viewing experience. It would probably work best as a silent movie, stripped of the illogical scripting, stupendously redundant Goblin -in-training soundtrack drones, and obtuse aural cues.

In the years since its release, The Beyond has acquired a cult following. The limited-edition set was packaged in a tin box with alternative cover artwork, including an informative booklet on the film's production as well as various miniature poster replications.

A Blu-ray version of the film was released in Australia on 20 November The distributors also wanted to restore the "7 Doors" version, but the original print of this is assumed to be lost.

As of , the "7 Doors" alternative score prints were discovered, and are in the process of restoration.

Levene also stated he's very content with the original version being praised and preserved, and admitted he only made the "7 Doors" version as a way to gain American interest.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti. Fulvia Film [1].

The hotel is an excuse, the characters are an excuse—what counted was the weaving of pure emotions. The historic Otis House in Madisonville, Louisiana top as seen in film; bottom in served as the main setting for the film.

People who blame The Beyond for its lack of story have not understood that it's a film of images, which must be received without any reflection.

They say it is very difficult to interpret such a film, but it is very easy to interpret a film with threads: Any idiot can understand Molinaro's La Cage aux Folles , or even Carpenter's Escape From New York , while The Beyond or Argento's Inferno are absolute films.

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Hidden categories: Template film date with 1 release date Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Cole accepts on the condition that it is not a house party.

Cole is frustrated to learn that it is a house party, and he goes downstairs to drink alone, where he meets Maya, the host.

The two discuss an approaching asteroid. Maya says that modern stress would evaporate in the face of the meaninglessness of certain doom, and Cole says that everything would matter in that circumstance.

The two dance to Maya's favorite song and soon begin dating. A series of flashforwards depict life in post-apocalyptic Scotland after the asteroid has arrived as Cole and Maya hide from alien spaceships, mixed with scenes in the present of their relationship leading up to those events.

When they discuss children, Cole says he does not want any, and Maya reveals she is incapable. As the asteroid grows closer, Cole asks Maya to marry him.

Maya jokingly accepts, and Cole insists that he is serious; now serious, Maya again agrees. Although initially dismissive of the danger, scientists become increasingly worried about a collision.

Various missions to divert the asteroid end in failure, putting the world on edge. In the flashforwards, Cole and Maya's relationship deteriorates in the face of their hardship in finding food and shelter.

When Maya becomes pregnant, Cole is taken aback and insists that it is cruel to have children in the face of an impending disaster.

Maya says that it is a miracle for her to become pregnant, and she keeps the baby despite Cole's insistence that they discuss abortion.

In the flashforwards, Cole and Maya's baby is in the care of Maya's parents, and their relationship has become strained over the issue.

Cole accuses Maya of blaming him for their hardships and not supporting him, while Maya counters that it is his own self-loathing that is driving them apart.

In desperation, they resort to eating baby food they had agreed to save. In the present, Michael expresses his dissatisfaction with Cole's refusal to accept responsibility for his wife's pregnancy.

In a flashforward, Maya and Cole encounter a survivor by the name of Keith Novac.


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